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5 Techie Ways to Up your Holiday Game

Tired of sending out the same fruit basket to customers every year? What if your holiday greeting was actually an exciting opportunity to WOW your clients and remind them of your services? We always love the opportunity create custom-holiday greetings for clients, because they are the perfect chance to show off some of your company’s personality and stand out in the noise of the holiday season. There are lots of ways to spread the cheer this year; here are a few of our favorite ways to do that:

AR Experience

Sending a unique Augmented Reality greeting not only provides an innovative experience, but also can also serve to build your brand experience. You can also share the experience via social media or email marketing, giving you multiple touch points with your clients and customers. Just remember that being innovative or fun is the best way to grab someone's attention during the busy holiday season.

3D render of an outdoor scene

Personalized Video

Video is easily sharable, so it can be passed to and from clients really quickly. You can also post it on social media. Video gives you a pretty good canvas to showcase your company’s and employees’ personalities and the work you’re doing. Putting a personal touch on a holiday greeting is always really welcome and invites your customers to connect on a deeper level.

Example of a holiday video greeting image

Digital Greeting

A lot of companies are focusing on digital greetings as well. Items like GIFs do really well on social media, where a majority of your customers can easily see and interact with the piece. Digital greetings allow you to easily mix copy, digital design, and other elements like 3D or video. If your holiday greeting is creative enough, it can really have a life of its own through people sharing your content.

Holiday Animated GIF

Email Message

Email is another good way to incorporate some fun elements into your holiday well-wishes. You can embed a video, GIF, or another animation. This is a great way to hit all of your customers if you want to send out your specials or something like that. You really do have to put some work into customizing and personalizing your design and copy for email though – otherwise it can come across as impersonal.

Holiday email example

Custom Printing

We always suggest a printed piece that can be mailed or hand-delivered to special clients. A custom-made card makes a much bigger impact on customers than a store-bought one; a print piece can be a really nice keepsake and a physical reminder of your services. It gives you the opportunity to use photos of your team or your logo, which really sticks in customers’ memories. With print, there are no limits except your imagination and your budget – we’re able to do lots of shapes and sizes and cool creative elements like foil and custom die-cuts. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, a postcard is fast and inexpensive to mail to a lot of customers. For bigger, more creative pieces, as long as it fits in an envelope, it can be mailed!

Print example of a holiday cardPrint example of a holiday card

Ready to ditch the fruit basket and up your holiday greeting game? No matter which type of greeting you want to use, it’s best to get started now! Contact our office to meet with a Marketing Executive who can help you choose the best greeting to stick out above the rest.

Dave M. Schleigh

by Dave Schleigh, Founder & President

Dave is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), with a degree in Physical Geography and minor in writing. After college, he went to work for the City of Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) where he was the Art Director. In 2005, Dave partnered with friend and entrepreneur Rich Daughtridge to launch a new marketing firm, HighRock Studios. Together, they assembled a talented team of creatives, marketers, and problem-solvers to work as an extension of our client’s team. In the following years, Dave co-founded several ventures including Warehouse Cinemas, Warehouse Tap Room, Leitersburg Cinemas, Waynesboro Theatre, and LeftBrain Technology.

Now president of HighRock, Dave still enjoys helping to craft creative and innovative solutions that elevate our customers businesses, as well as ensuring that HighRock is as a great place to work for employees. Dave resides in Howard County, Maryland with his wife Jaci and daughter Evelyn.

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