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The Advantages of Cinema Advertising

Do you want to maximize the ROI of your advertising campaign? If so, you should take advantage of on-screen cinema advertisements. Even though you want to diversify your marketing campaign, do not overlook the importance of advertising on cinema screens. Learn more about the value of this marketing method below.

Quick Points About Cinema Advertisements

Before diving into a few details, there are a few points to keep in mind. These include:
    •    You can use cinema media to target a tremendous number of people every month, with new movies coming out continuously. 
    •    People tend to have a higher recall rate with advertisements they see at the movie theater when compared to other advertisements they might hear on the radio or see on TV. 
    •    You have more resources available to you with on-screen advertisements, allowing you to create innovative ads for the movie screen. 
You will enjoy several significant benefits if you decide to go with on-screen cinema advertisements.

You Have a Captive Audience

First, you have a captive audience at the cinema. Everyone is in their seats, waiting for the movie to begin. A lot of people like to arrive early to watch the previews anyway, so they are going to see your advertisement. Even when the advertising begins, people tend to pay attention because they do not want to pick up their phones. It is seen as bad social behavior to use a phone in the movie theater, so people have no choice but to watch the ad.

You Can Take Advantage of Immersive Sight, Sound, and Motion

When someone goes to the movie theater, they expect to enjoy the best audio video technology available. You can use the same technology for your advertisement. The movie theater screen is huge, there are speakers around the entire audience, and the cinema uses the latest in movie technology. You can use this to improve the quality of your advertisements, making a bigger impact on your audience.

You Can Associate Your Ads With the Right Movies

You have total control over which movies are tied to your ads. Based on the products and services you provide, you can target the right audience. For example, if you sell products to children, you may want to use advertisements that are associated with children's movies. You can also improve your brand’s image by associating your company with some of the most popular movies in the theater.

Theaters and Cinemas Are Located Close to Major Retail Areas

Finally, a lot of movie theaters are located close to major retail outlets. Therefore, it isn't hard for people to leave the movie theater and purchase your product or service. You can even target your ads to show in movie theaters that are close to your target demographic.

Get the Most Out of Your Cinema Advertising

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should take advantage of cinema advertising as a part of your marketing campaign. If you want to maximize the return on your investment, work with a professional who can help you customize your marketing campaign to meet your needs.


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Video and Static Advertising Examples Below


Static ad design for Carson Jewelers


Video URL
Video ad for Warehouse Cinemas Leitersburg's  Re-opening
Shanna Mueller

by Shanna Mueller, Marketing & Brand Strategist

Shanna Mueller, Marketing and Brand Strategist, manages social media and digital marketing strategy and is the gatekeeper to all things related to brand integrity and development. A former creative brand strategist and news producer, she is a seasoned storyteller. She has a fine arts degree and brings over 15 years of managing and developing brands from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She finds inspiration in art, music, and human psychology to help wield the power of authentic storytelling and genuine content creation. When she is not researching and nerd-ing out on the latest marketing, pop culture, and social trends, she spends her time moonlighting as a local philanthropist, amateur coffee critique, and photographer.

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