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The Many Benefits of VR Services

In recent years, virtual reality, or VR, has become a fascinating field with a broad range of services. For example, according to Statista, the global AR/VR/MR market will blow up to $252 million by 2028. Now that’s great and all, but how does it benefit you? We’re glad you asked! Mindblowing VR services can revolutionize your business — here’s how!

It Offers Real-Time, Safe Training for Your Team

Do you work a potentially hazardous career and suffer from high turnover due to employee injuries? Well, VR provides a safe and real-time training environment. Just strap those huge goggles on an employee, dial in their training program, and watch them do their thing on a separate screen.

Does this work as well as non-VR training? That depends on the quality of your VR and your program. For example, welders and even doctors find that VR training works great for simulating stressful or difficult environments.

Even better, you can easily track employee progress and see how they’re doing. Are they struggling and need a little help? Just give them suggestions or even hop on with another set of VR goggles. Now, you can work together to solve tough training challenges.

The unique environment offered by VR services is awesome, obviously, but it’s really the extra safety that makes this such a fantastic experience. Rather than working on messy cadavers or working in scary environments, your team can learn virtually — at no risk of life or limb. Now that’s what we call successful employee retention!

It Provides Therapeutic Benefits

Have you heard about doctors utilizing VR services to help their patients? It might sound like science fiction, but it’s science reality. VR can be used in both physical and mental health management and is particularly useful in a variety of different circumstances.

For example, imagine you suffer from a severe fear of spiders, which is called arachnophobia. Every time you see a spider, you panic and struggle to think rationally. That’s okay; many people experience this kind of intense fear. But how would you react to a spider you saw in a virtual environment, one that wasn’t really there?

It might be scary at first, but you would eventually get used to it. This type of therapy has become very popular with many therapists, particularly in the military realm. Marines, in particular, with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), have been turning to this type of unique treatment.

How exactly does this process work? With both phobias and PTSD, therapists use VR to create successful exposure therapy sessions. Exposure therapy is exactly what it sounds like: you’re shown the very things that terrify you and are given the opportunity to interact with them in a safe environment.

For instance, marines with extreme PTSD related to a specific battle can visit it again virtually and work through the scenarios safely. Through exposure therapy, they can acclimate themselves to these environments and work through their trauma. The same goes with phobias; once you’ve dealt with a virtual spider, a real one won’t seem so bad!

It Helps With Education

Ask any teacher about some of the biggest challenges of their career, and many will say one of them is reaching their students. In a world of constant digital stimulation, kids are jaded, making it hard to connect with as a teacher. But what if you brought VR services into your classroom a few hours a week?

You’d have kids lined up ready to learn about things as “boring” as plants, insects, and math. Just imagine this — an adding game in which your students run and jump across giant numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. These games exist, and we promise that your students will love them.

Beyond working well with students who may be difficult to impress, VR also reaches gifted students even more effectively. For example, imagine a musically gifted child given access to a virtual orchestra. They’ll get the chance to play the viola, trombone, and even timpani, tapping into their innate creative mind.

Even better, virtual reality could work well for children with learning disabilities. For example, some kids may get overwhelmed during class and need a safe place to relax. Rather than sending them to another room office, which might seem like punishment, let them calm their body in a virtual environment away from their fellow students.

It Improves CAD Work

Hundreds of years before the dawn of Microsoft Windows, drafters, architects, and other designers actually used pencils, pens, rulers, and drafting compasses to create drawings. Since then, computer-aided drafting, or CAD, has taken over the market. Furthermore, CAD VR services have taken it to an even higher level.

With VR CAD, designers walk around their drawings and designs and interact with them in real time. Just imagine the benefit of this approach! Architects could stand in a realistic rendition of a building and get a feel for how it works. Is it ugly or attractive? Only VR can tell them for sure before starting construction.

Even better, VR can help drafters get up close and personal with their designs. As the machine creates a building or product design, drafters can spot potential errors and flaws, and these issues might not otherwise get spotted until production. What happens when production begins with a majorly flawed design?

Well, have you ever heard of vehicle, toy, or product recalls? Most of them happen because a drafter (even in a CAD environment) made a very tiny mistake. VR puts them right alongside their beautiful designs and gives them the inside knowledge they need to spot mistakes and fix them.

Even more advanced VR programs can provide an environment as close to the real world as possible, including simulating gravity and physics. While it's not quite the same as the real thing, it's close enough to provide great feedback for various design concepts.

It Creates Amazingly Immersive Entertainment

Are you interested in high-quality entertainment that immerses you in an unbelievable virtual environment? VR service includes fun and fascinating entertainment opportunities. Just imagine this scenario: you’re watching your favorite horror movie but are actually in the movie itself!

VR goggles will drag you kicking and screaming into movies and television shows. You’ll practically feel your favorite characters breathing down your neck as you watch. Where entertainment VR truly shines, though, is in video gaming; even amateurs can have fun!

Let’s say you live in a wintery environment and can’t stand seeing snow for six months a year. Strap on your VR goggles, dial up a Hawaii setting, and walk along the beach, hearing the sounds of waves gently crashing around you.

Beyond simple virtual vacations, you can use VR to produce even more amazing video game experiences. The Resident Evil Village game places you in a fight for survival against a world of zombies. It’s the kind of fascinating experience traditional entertainment just doesn’t provide.

The staggering impact of VR services on our lives is impossible to calculate just yet. We believe that its potential is limitless and could transform the world in many amazing ways. That’s why we strongly encourage you to call us if you’re interested in learning more. As a business owner, take advantage of our VR services to impress your clients, customers, and more. Contact High Rock today!

Pieter Bickford

by Pieter Bickford, Marketing Executive

As a HighRock Marketing Executive, Pieter works with our clients to identify solutions, enhance their brand, and align their business goals with a comprehensive marketing strategy. With a rich background in journalism, and close ties to community organizations, Pieter enjoys working with customers to tell a story that captures the essence of their brand. From his days in journalism to now, Pieter is inspired by interesting stories and exceeding client expectations. His favorite part of his job is getting to know the motivations of the people behind the brand.

Pieter’s involvement in the community is deep, having worked with a number of nonprofits throughout the years and currently serving on the Washington County Board of Education. He lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife, Stephanie.

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