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New Year, New Plan: How to Create Smart Goals for Your Marketing Strategy

2020 brought a lot of changes to the business field and there's a good chance that many of these changes are going to persist in 2021. In order for you to keep your marketing plan on track, it is important for you to think about how you establish your goals. That is where creating SMART goals can be helpful. It is important for you to leverage these goals for several reasons. Learn more about SMART goals below!

What Does SMART Stand For?

SMART goals have been important in numerous industries during the past few years; however, they are now becoming a cornerstone of establishing marketing plans. Arguably, these goals are the most efficient way of focusing your attention, helping you accomplish your goals in the business world. When you combine these goals with basic marketing principles, you can maximize the return you get on your marketing dollars. When you are forced to sit down and set up your goals this way, you can avoid the common pitfall of setting up vague goals that don’t provide you with a clear plan for the future.
SMART goals stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. The individual parameters include:

  • Specific: These calls are specific because they are clear, concise, and refer to a specific part of your business plan. The more specific your goal is, the more likely you will accomplish it.
  • Measurable: Your goal has to be measurable, meaning that it should be quantifiable. That way, you will be able to track your progress as you try to accomplish your goal.
  • Attainable: You should also make sure that your goal is realistic. Based on your current time frame, the resources at your disposal, and the skills of your employees, you should create a goal that you can actually achieve.
  • Relevant: The goal must be relevant to your business. If the end result of your goal is not going to improve the performance of your business, then it is not relevant. Think about what you can do to improve your current business.
  • Time-Based: Finally, your goal also has to have a specific deadline by which you want to retrieve it. If you do not have a specific deadline, then your goal is a moving target and you are unlikely to reach it. Set a firm deadline for your goal and try to accomplish it by that time.

Follow these guidelines when you are trying to set up your marketing plan this year.

Why Should You Use SMART Goals?

Even though you may feel like this is a lot of work to set up your marketing goals, there are several benefits that accompany this process. They include:

  • Setting up your goals in this manner is going to force you to think clearly about what you've done so far, what has worked, and what hasn't.
  • When you set up SMART goals, you are forced to think about your past results. That way, you can come up with a robust plan, a firm calendar, and deliverables that can help you improve your business model.
  • These goals will force you to plan ahead. When do you think about the end, you are going to be forced to think about the individual steps to reach that point.
  • This forces you and your team to be disciplined about your marketing activities, cutting out wasted time and resources.

If you are looking for assistance, we can help you with your SMART goals.

Pieter Bickford

by Pieter Bickford, Marketing Executive

As a HighRock Marketing Executive, Pieter works with our clients to identify solutions, enhance their brand, and align their business goals with a comprehensive marketing strategy. With a rich background in journalism, and close ties to community organizations, Pieter enjoys working with customers to tell a story that captures the essence of their brand. From his days in journalism to now, Pieter is inspired by interesting stories and exceeding client expectations. His favorite part of his job is getting to know the motivations of the people behind the brand.

Pieter’s involvement in the community is deep, having worked with a number of nonprofits throughout the years and currently serving on the Washington County Board of Education. He lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife, Stephanie.

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