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Video Concepts and Ideation

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If you are trying to interact with your followers, visitors, or potential customers, video footage is your friend. At the same time, how can you create a powerful video that will meet your needs?

What Are the Goals of Your Video?

First, you need to ask about the goals of your video. Do you want to convince people to purchase a product or service? Do you want to convince them to sign up for a subscription? Or, do you simply want them to contact you and find out more?

All of these goals are different. These goals will dictate the structure of your video. Make sure your goals are clear before you start outlining your video.

What Emotions Do You Want Them To Experience?

As you are coming up with the script and shots for your video, think about the emotions you want the viewer to experience. Do you want them to be happy? Do you want them to be sad? Do you want them to be excited about something? Do you want them to be worried?

Using the video, you want to control the emotions of the viewer. If the emotions of the viewer do not align with your goals, you will have a hard time increasing your conversion rate.

Suspense and Intrigue Matter in the Video

You do not want to make the purpose of the video obvious at the very beginning. Even though you want if you were to take a certain action by the end, you do not want to give away the entire story at first. Suspense and intrigue matter. If you keep the video somewhat of a mystery until the very end, you ensure that your viewers watch the entire thing.

Versatility Is Your Friend

Keep in mind that this video is probably going to be shared in multiple locations. Therefore, versatility is your friend. You may want to have a long, full version that you can share on the website of your company or on your YouTube channel. On the other hand, you may want to have a shorter version that can be shared on a social media platform, such as Instagram. If you make the video easier to edit, you make it more versatile. Keep this in mind when you are creating your video.

Take Advantage of Videos for Your Brand

If you are trying to grow a small business or brand, you need to take advantage of video footage. Videos can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. If you keep these tips in mind, you can create powerful videos that will act as strong ambassadors and reflections of your brand.

Josh Youngbar

by Josh Youngbar, Video Director

Our Emmy-winning Video Director, Josh Youngbar, has been with HighRock almost since the beginning. From initial concept through all aspects of a client’s video, he oversees our video department to create TV spots, animations, corporate videos, and anything in between. Josh is passionate about telling stories through motion and loves the challenge of creativity and technology that video production brings. With a background in graphic design and computer technology, Josh brings over ten years of video directing experience to HighRock. When he’s not holding a camera Josh can be found spending time with his wife Robin and five children.

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