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Virtual Visions: The 3D Tale of a Chick-Fil-A and the Evolution of Real Estate Design

It's rare that someone asks you to construct a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in three days, but that’s exactly what happened when HighRock was hired to develop a 3D animation of a planned mixed-use site just outside of Washington, D.C. 

The client loved our initial renderings, but they were even more excited that Chick-Fil-A had agreed to open a restaurant on the site. This was a game-changer, potentially attracting other high-profile tenants. 

Our 3D team quickly got to work and managed to “build” the new restaurant in just three days.  

CFA Aerial

 While the Chick-Fil-A project was a highlight, it's just one example of how 3D design is transforming the real estate landscape.

Why 3D Modeling is Important and How it Can Boost Business for Virtually Any Industry

In today's digital age, 3D renderings have become a crucial tool in various industries, from architecture and interior design to product development and marketing. These lifelike visualizations offer a plethora of benefits, transforming the way we conceptualize, plan, and communicate ideas. More than that, a well-crafted rendering or product model can not only enhance the creative process, but also help tip the scale for the greenlighting of a project. Whether you need to sell an idea, sell office space, or sell a brand, 3D work is essential to finding—and maintaining—a captive audience. If you want to explore how—and why!—you should incorporate 3D modeling into your next project, keep reading.

Enhance the Visualization to Sell the Idea or Product

One of the primary reasons why 3D renderings are invaluable is their ability to provide enhanced visualization. Unlike 2D drawings or blueprints, which may be challenging for non-professionals to interpret accurately, 3D renderings offer a realistic, three-dimensional representation of an object or space. This makes it easier for clients, stakeholders, and team members to understand the final product, fostering better communication and collaboration. Whether you’re developing a new bottle label or interior architectural renderings, presenting 3D examples can help build enthusiasm and support, not to mention drive up sales.


Design Validation

In fields like architecture and product design, 3D renderings allow professionals to validate their ideas before investing significant resources in physical prototypes or construction. By creating a digital model, designers can identify potential flaws, make necessary adjustments, and optimize their designs for functionality and aesthetics. This iterative process not only saves time and money but also leads to better end results. While the investment in 3D work may seem steep, imagine the financial headaches associated with developing a product only to find out after the fact that it’s flawed. Investing in initial 3D work can save you dollars and stress down the line.

jamison door



jamison door 2

Customization and Personalization

3D renderings provide the flexibility to customize and personalize designs to meet specific client or user preferences. Whether it's adjusting the color palette of an interior space or experimenting with various product configurations, 3D renderings empower designers to explore different options and tailor their creations to individual needs. Seeing a 3D design come to life exactly as it’s been presented is not only exciting but leaves little to no room for error when the design is applied to real life. It takes the guess work out of projects and ensures all team members, stakeholders, and clients are onboard.  

3D aerial view


As we continue progressing towards a post-pandemic era, virtually all aspects of our lives have been deeply impacted by the reality of remote work and communication often spans international borders and time zones. 3D renderings are easily shareable digitally, making them accessible to clients and collaborators around the world, in turn enabling professionals to work together seamlessly regardless of their geographic locations and regardless of where a project may be conducted (or a product be developed).

3D renderings have revolutionized the way we approach design, visualization, and communication across various industries. Rather than simply talk through an idea, or sell a client on real estate space, or convince local government to grant you the necessary licenses for construction work, you can present as-close-to-the-real-deal images to garner support and enthusiasm while curbing the potential for hiccups and expensive mistakes down the line.

If you want to explore options for potential 3D work, contact HighRock today or view some of our previous 3D work.

Len Sullivan

by Len Sullivan, Vice President

From marketing and strategy to 3D computer software and video game design, Len's extensive experience in leading business strategy, content marketing, and strategic marketing is vital to HighRock’s consultative approach. As co-founder of Pylot Studios with our Director of 3D Technology, Yavuz Goncu, Len has made a career out of using innovative techniques to drive engaging marketing solutions and brought this experience to HighRock when they joined our team in 2014. Today, Len lends his experience and skill set to create marketing strategies for our clients. In his spare time, Len maintains a large stack of books he wants to read but never manages to get around to actually reading.

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