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What Makes a Marketing Agency So Important to Increase Sales?

Running a business involves many layers. After all, regardless of how great your product or service is, it can be meaningless if nobody knows you exist. That's why you need a solid promotional strategy, which an experienced marketing agency can help you with. Such professionals are experienced in various types of marketing ranging from social media to SEO marketing to webpage creation. Here are seven aspects that make a marketing agency so important when it comes to increasing your company's sales.

1. Branding

Branding is everything to a company's identity. It includes your logo, slogan, company name, and so on. You use your branding to reflect your company's mission, personality, and overall values. Good branding can help any company stand out amongst intense competition. A good example is Apple computers. Apple has successfully branded itself as a company that is known for slick design, innovation, and savviness compared to other computer and technology companies. Use elements of your brand to help build loyalty with your customers and foster a sense of connection and trust.

You may not be a graphic designer or understand where to start with your branding except knowing what your overall mission is. That's where a marketing agency can help you! They have design professionals on hand who can create different taglines and design a logo that will look eye-catching on various marketing materials.

2. Content Creation

It's hard to do marketing when you don't have content to market. When you're busy with your day-to-day business, you may not have time to create social media posts and videos. As much as you understand how important blogging can be to your business, you or someone else in your company may not have the bandwidth to keep up with a blog on your own.

Don't worry! The professionals at a local marketing agency can help produce all the content needed for your overall strategy. Once they understand what your company does and is trying to promote, they will create content that can engage your potential market. They'll find ways to educate consumers about your products in ways that will keep them coming back for more. The pros understand what customers are looking for and the problems they need to solve. As a result, they can create relevant ebooks, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, and still images. With enough solid content, you won't have to worry about filling up the pages of your business website or social media profiles.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial for businesses. Regardless of how great your website or social media posts are, if you don't understand SEO, content will simply get lost in the big sea of the World Wide Web. Luckily, marketing professionals understand how to research to find the right keywords and keyword phrases that can drive traffic to your website. They know how to use the right hashtags on your social media profiles, too, and can organize your website structure and ensure mobile-friendliness. Marketers know where and how to incorporate links and guest posting as needed, too.

4. Social Media

Social media isn't just for teenagers on TikTok. With so many social media profiles available, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, a professional company has several ways to market to different demographics. Simply managing your social media web pages alone can be a full-time job, especially when you have several products or services to inform the public about. A marketing agency can handle your social media presence across all these platforms!

In addition to creating your profiles and adding content, they can take things a step further by fully engaging with your followers. As a result, it'll be easier for you to increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences. As a result, these strong social media profiles can drive traffic to your main website and encourage more sales. They can also monitor comments to ensure that trolls and false negativity don't remain on the website. In addition, pros will use their analytical skills to see what type of social media posts are doing better than others and adjust posting as needed.

5. Email Marketing

Email has been around long before social media but its power has not been reduced. Email is still one of the best forms of marketing used today. It's much easier to build relationships with email marketing, as you can add subscribers and deliver valuable customized information. Thanks to email newsletters, you can keep loyal customers informed of sales, discounts, and loyalty programs. You can even send customers personalized emails on their birthdays, thanking them for being loyal customers and offering special coupons.

Your marketing agency sends attractive email newsletters in various templates. These notifications cater to customer behavior, which will result in more traffic and rising sales. Don't worry about being overwhelmed by a growing email list, though. Skilled marketers know how to create different segments, such as behavior, interest, age, and other demographics. They also look at stages in a buyer's journey. In other words, they know how to create a newsletter that can cater to new customers to encourage them to buy more products as well as already loyal customers.

6. Web Design and Development

According to Milkwhale, 80% of customers do quite a bit of online research before making a significant purchase. Therefore, you must make sure you have a website that thoroughly explains your products or services! However, it's not enough to have just any website. You want to make sure you have a professional online product that is highly user-friendly and on-brand. A good website can help you make a positive first impression, convey your value proposition, provide clear and easy navigation, and display relevant and updated content.

Ideal web design showcases your company colors and logo. Additionally, the written and visual content should be on brand with your services and overall mission. Your website should also be optimized so people can comfortably navigate through it at a quick speed. Keep in mind that users only wait up to seven seconds before clicking away from a website that's loading too slowly. That's why it's important to have professionals at your local marketing agency handle this aspect of the business for you so you don't lose potential sales because of poor optimization.

7. Strategy

A marketing agency can help you create a comprehensive and coherent marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. When you're trying to scale your business up or convey key messages, a solid marketing strategy can significantly help. Your marketing strategy helps you define your target market and adjust sales goals, which skilled pros can handle for you.

Gone are the days when only a few websites were available. These days, almost every company has a web presence as well as social media activity. Regardless of your industry, you have a lot of competition in general, including in the online space. However, marketing professionals can ensure that you have a solid marketing strategy. With good content that stays on brand, you can reach the audience that you want. For professional assistance, contact our local marketing agency. Our team at High Rock has years of experience in the marketing industry to put to work for you!

Pieter Bickford

by Pieter Bickford, Marketing Executive

As a HighRock Marketing Executive, Pieter works with our clients to identify solutions, enhance their brand, and align their business goals with a comprehensive marketing strategy. With a rich background in journalism, and close ties to community organizations, Pieter enjoys working with customers to tell a story that captures the essence of their brand. From his days in journalism to now, Pieter is inspired by interesting stories and exceeding client expectations. His favorite part of his job is getting to know the motivations of the people behind the brand.

Pieter’s involvement in the community is deep, having worked with a number of nonprofits throughout the years and currently serving on the Washington County Board of Education. He lives in Hagerstown, MD with his wife, Stephanie.

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