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Understanding Managed Services

Our clients often ask "I'm already paying for web hosting, so why do I need to pay additional when I need support or ask for updates to my website?"  It's important to understand what your web hosting service entails. First, it obviously covers hosting of your website files so your customers can access your website over the internet. It also includes important things like ongoing server maintenance & updates (e.g. security patches and software updates), incremental backups (in the event of data loss), security certificates & renewal, and domain name registration & renewal. And, because we own and manage our own web hosting infrastructure, we invest a considerable amount of money to ensure we're providing you with a reliable and secure web hosting experience.

Now that we've covered Web Hosting, what exactly are Managed Services? Managed Services covers everything that is involved with supporting your existing website. For example, when you need site updates, training, changes, and/or support, we have our friendly HighRock Support Team standing by ready to assist. This ongoing assistance (i.e. Managed Services) is billed at our standard hourly rate. And, we recently introduced a new Support Ticket System that makes it easier that ever to track and respond to your tickets.

HighRock offers two Managed Service plans to support client websites once they have gone live: